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WatchDog Collar. One of a kind Custom Leather Dog Collars.

“Bullheaded City Dogs”™ Collar

Written By: Clazi

Bullheaded City Dog


“This Year … I’m Making My Presence Known With Dog Presents” Clazi – 2012

Instant Watchdog! Just add 1 BULLHEADED dog and stir™

Bullheaded City Dog. Watch Dog Collar™ Fur Dog Collar with Spikes and Watch Commemorating the Annual Bullhead City River Regatta. This collars name has been changed to “Gotta Regatta”  All current dog collars by clazi can be seen and bought at, Clazi’s e-Commerce Store.

Jack, the Jack Russel Terrier is the Bullheaded City Dog modeling this red fur collar with spikes and diamond appeal fabric. Jack is the ideal model with an inner understanding of what the photographer wants to capture… HIM!

Fur collar for Jack Russel

Bullheaded City Watch Dog Collar

Bullheaded City Dog Watch Dog Collar™ is a colorful spiked dog collar. This festive collar watch for dogs was inspired by the Bullhead City / Laughlin River Regatta that starts out at Laughlin on one side of the river and Bullhead City on the other side of the river. The Colorado River’s Bullhead City River Regatta float parade of 1000′s of rafts displaying vibrantly bright patriot colors and images, gently swept down the Colorado River for miles on Aug.11,2012 from Bullhead City. This unique designer dog collar is a commemorative Bullhead City River Regatta Run 2012 –  Bullheaded City Dog, Watch Dog Collar.  A one of a kind Watch Dog Collar with a splashing statement such as this one should super charge your dog and inspire your dog’s admirers to ask questions. A fine P.M. Dog Wear™ accessory for dogs exuding clout and imagination with a special spark in a Bullheaded City Dog, Watch Dog Collar™. Own it for your special show off dog.


Spiked red fur overlay on blue nylon webbing base and silver diamond fabric overlay. 6 spikes and a real watch centered on the collar to bring out the watchdog in your dog with a festive style.

Small Size – 13″ -16″ Length Neck Size

Wide of Collar – 3/4″ on base and 2-1/2″  fur width

1-1/4″ Quality Real Watch Face in Red with Silver casing by Geneva

6- 5/8 tall Spikes

Bullheaded City Dog  style Watch Dog Collar™

Suggested Dog Breeds for This Watch Dog Collar 
BEAGLE 12-18″; 18-30 LBS
BOSTON TERRIER 12-18″; 10-25 LBS
BULLDOG FRENCH 12-16″; 18-28 LBS
BULL TERRIER 12- 18″; 50-60 LBS
CAIRN TERRIER 10-16″; 12-16 LBS
CHIHUAHUA 8-14″; 2-6 LBS
COCKER SPANIEL 12-18″; 24-60 LBS
CORGI 13-16″; 25-38 LBS
FOX TERRIER 10-16″; 14-18 LBS
GREYHOUND 13-18″; 55-80 LBS
LHASA APSO 12-16″; 13-15 LBS
MALTESE 10-14″; 6-9 LBS
PAPILLON 8-13″; 9-11 LBS
PEKINGESE 12-16″; 8-10 LBS
PIT BULL 14-18″; 30-70 LBS
POMERANIAN 10-14″; 9-13 LBS
POODLE MINI 10-16″; 24-28 LBS
POODLE TOY 8-14″; 12-17 LBS
PUG 12-16″; 14-18 LBS
SCHNAUZER MINI 10-16″; 13-15 LBS
SHIH TZU 10-14″; 12-16 LBS
Jack Russel Watch Dog Collar

Don’t miss next years annual River Regatta in Laughlin / Bullhead City where there is again expected huge numbers of participants exceeding 40,000 raft float participants in August 2013 for the River Regatta on the Colorado River in Bullhead City, AZ. Look for the Watch DogCollar™

Head to these other designer collar style pages here on my site where Jack the Bullheaded City Dog shows off my “Gotta’ Regatta Dog™”  ”Tokyo Time Dog™” and the “Glitz Blitz Dog™” Watch Dog Collars™ on his Colorado River Boat. Meet Mason, Jack’s boy master, the mischievous “Co River Kid”. This modern Huck Finn and his incredibly human like dog live on the river’s edge and make daily use of the Colorado River’s many adventures too numerous to mention here. Some of which, I imagine…. only the two of them know of.

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“Bullheaded City Dogs”™ Collar


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