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Written By: Clazi

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The Watch Dog Collar is available to buy for your special dog on Clazi’s Watch Dog Collar™  e-Commerce Official Site.  eCOMMERCE STORE     <click to buy or see ALL WATCHES for dogs

Each rich dog collar design showcases a real watch on a custom made dog collar, All materials made in the U.S.A. and additionally handmade by Clazi in the U.S.A.

Sporting a luxury watch and upscale bling is the Watch Dog Collar’s signature. A rich dog collar can say more than a complete dog costume…and with much more class. Always look for the original WatchDog Collar™ trademark to be assured your dog collar watch is the real thing. No fake Rolexes here, but a real Cartier with real diamonds is available by special order with Clazi.

Jack, The Famous Bullheaded City Dog and His Master Mason, the “CO River Kid” Hang Out on Their River Boat. Jack is a Jack Russell.



“This Year … I’m Making My Presence Known With Presents for The Rich Dog. And it’s About Doggone Time” – Clazi 2012 -

Watch DOG COLLAR Introducing The most clever dog collar on the Planet. The only ones who knew about this far out collar for dogs were “Cool Cats” lucky enough to be close friends with a clever dog inside the “in crowd”

Don’t Tell a Soul, But Clazi is Making Watch Dog Collars for Dogs.

Kept a secret for many years, the clever Watch Dog Collar™ is now available to the public. Some Beverly Hills super model type dogs have been seen whispering about it while relaxing and sunbathing backstage at 7 o’clock dog, but only amongst themselves and their very trustworthy cat friends. I am certain you have not seen this very unique watch collar design with new novelty concept in a dog collar. A WATCH!

I gotta’ have this one in the middle… and soon!!!

 The collars below are now available.

#002 is a one of a kind extra heavy duty leather TUXN style dog collar with black bowtie and white deer tux collar on black base dog collar with a gorgeous diamond style watch attached.


Black and white hand made leather collar with watch for dog.

X-large – Length 22″-27″

2″ Wide

2″ Brilliant Bling Diamonds Watch Face

Heavy duty hardware

Watch Dog Collar 


   Watch Dog Collar
#003 – Beautiful shimmering  diamonds look in a fabric overlay. Red webbing with silver metallic overlay handmade dog collar with a watch for dog. DESCRIPTION:Small size – 12″ – 14″ 5/8″ wide collar
Watch Dog CollarMaterials used for these pet collars are quality leather, luxurious fabrics, webbing, hardware, rhinestones and a the unique addition of a real, working time piece watch that will delight you and your dog and/or cat. Everyone at the dog park will be amused with your watch dog collar and want one for their dog.

Our new dog and cat designer wear will add class to your pet everywhere they go. If you don’t like talking to strangers, then you should not have one of these dog collar watches on your dog in public, because everyone will comment on it and want to pick your brain to find out where to get one of these Watch Dog Collar brand dog collars.

Let your dog be the envy of all dogs on the street, in Petsmart, Petco or just riding around in the car and even at the dog park, just by wearing my new watch dog collar designed for Cane Corso’s. But word has it, other dog breeds are welcome to also adorn themselves in the most unique fashion with a Watch Dog Collar™.


Associated WatchDog Collar Sites | More DOG COLLARS (with watches added to dog collars) Pictures and Music Videos Showing Clazi’s Custom, Handcrafted Dog Collars and Other Dog  Products 

These WatchDog Collar™ Site Links are Full of Original Jeff Chaz Blues Music, of which I have the rights to publish Online. Most are auto play on opening the home page links.  Stop any music video before opening another link.  eCOMMERCE STORE 

– The only place to buy WatchDog Collars by Clazi. See every Collar with a Watch and other dog products with watches, ALL handmade in the U.S.A for ALL the wanna be WatchDOGS of the World.

    Beautiful layout of WatchDog Collar™  dog collar images and videos – Instant WatchDogs created with clazi’s help.

                        Tuxedo WatchDog Collars With Authentic Diamonds.

                   My Dread Bizorr, the Limousine Chauffeur is a DOG. A Cane Corso Italian Mastiff DOG. See his true story here.

                Cane-Corso WatchDog Collar™ was inspired by my Cane Corso Dread Bizorr

   WatchDog Collars for Cane Corsos.

   I will repost your Cane Corso Rescue stories here by request. Contact

                Jack the Jack Russell Terrier Models the River Regatta Collection of WatchDog Collars.

              IMages and videos of WatchDog Collar dog collars.

              Cape Fear WatchDog Collar City.

     Google RSS feed for Watchdog Collar.

                    City Dogs Dog Collar Video.

         See Video of each particular WatchDog Collar Dogs dog collars.

                       Watch movies with only dog actors. FASCINATING clips of UNBELIEVABLE DOGS ACTING.



                        Loved Dog Breeds.

              Cane Corso Italian Mastiff dog collars with watches.

           Watch for DOG milking goat.

                                  6 Hound – 6 Hound Dog Rescues to contact direct.

                           Clazi is just CLAZI.

                 Cane Corso Italian Mastiff  true stories.

                          K9ND stands for “BE KIND TO YOUR K9? Top 10 Comfort Pet List. Pets comfort humans, do you comfort pets?               Supplies for Pets -WatchDog Collar watches on dog collars.

                    Picterest is a Picturesque Picture Pictorial of WatchDog Collars and Dogs.



                       Rich Dogs love this site.  Videos with original music performed by Jeff Chaz.

                My Turf Dogs dog mats in shapes of dogs. Hot Digity Dog 7 ft. poolside dog mat has a watch as his eyeball.

          Green Grass Turf dog mats shaped like dogs, hearts and such lovable things for your dog to make his home turf.

                    Artificial 2? long green grass dog mats. Rec Room, Bed Head Dogs, Hot Digity Dog images and  cool video of mats.

                   Artificial Arts in Artistic Artifacts of Dog Mats  Handmade by Clazi in the U.S.A.

Watch Dog Collar ™
Call Clazi at 1-928-219-4219

No tricks, just treats for the “dog‘s dog” and the “man’s man” who loves his dog. And for dog’s BEST friend …WOMAN!




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